Exciting and bright !!!

He was feeling very sad and gloomy. His first crush and love had ditched him for a boy he always had problems with. He fought with him many times, they stared and punched each other on the face. How the hatred started within them he could never tell. Yet it was also hard to believe […]

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Interview with Novus

After having the pleasure to collaborate posts with gifted Novus I thought of asking her a few questions to get to know her better. Here we go again.. 1. Your unique ability ?  Reading minds…. Just kidding! I don’t think that I have a unique ability. I guess I’m able to do a little of […]

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A prisoner at peace.

Collaboration part 3. No us took this picture for me to write a picture story. She is a wonderful writer and poet. Please visit her blog to get inspired and connect. The picture is a great piece of art and I tried to do justice with the theme. If there is anything my readers could […]

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A lost audience

Originally posted on Novus Lectio:
Here we go again, a second collaboration with the brainstorming Uzma. She has an awesome creative mind. Please stop by her blog and share a comment. Can you guess who’s parts are these? Rain drops sliding on my face Warm tears blinding my eyes Can’t hide the pain anymore A…

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