My broken shell

At the seaside, my daughter enjoyed playing and chasing waves. She also collected sea shells, the souvenirs of the sea, which we as a family helped her with.

While collecting them we talked about how beautifully they were coloured and patterned. We discussed the fact, it was the pigment in the food which the molluscs eat, that gives colour to its shell. I informed her of how this external skeleton was made; by absorbing salt and chemicals from the sea, which forms a hard layer, almost similar to human fingernails.

We chat about how seashells had been used in the past for magic, as a currency as well as jewellery.

What I couldn’t tell her was the strong comparison I felt with them. As a shy, introvert and overprotected child, I always found a secluding shell around me, perhaps a shell of inhibition or ego that prevented me to ‘let it go’, liberate and speak out.

Others saw it as a shell of pride, diplomacy and mystery. Time and again I borrowed this shell, trying hard to fit in with age and take it around just like a hermit crab.

It is said that people who talk less earn wisdom. An urge to write and share was not an outcome of wisdom but a strong propagation to open a window for me. A breeze of fresh air to breath and feel that freshness.

I no longer wanted to hold silent opinions but shout them out loud. Luckily, the change was gradual, I preferred to pen them down instead. With a strong urge to explore my hidden gift, spread and give back while I could.

This strength gave me the power to let go of my shell, to move on to the next stage in life, and to leave behind for others my words, my work…. my shell.

As I stepped out and looked around, I see in history the shells of some great people in different walks of life.

From writers to painters even

sportspersons, who have won not only the games of life but championships, left unmatched records and masterpieces that have yet not been surpassed.

It is indeed a passion, a talent and the right time of maturity that sets free a mind to find peace in what their heart desires.

The devotion and persistence become metamorphosis(reconstruction) that evolves one into a conspicuous secret superstar.

According to research, what it takes to make a mark is a vision to extend beyond one’s self, to benefit others and to serve.

Rest is all a secret, perhaps when one extends a helping hand to work for nature, nature accepts it in due time…to bring all means and resources, give wings, colour, vision, art to fly and ability to focus. Yet above all a feeling to face this challenge with a big smile to sing ‘this is me’.

However, when the bitter reality of owning a sand castle strikes…. when the soft, slimy body is eaten away, despite seemingly strong outer skeleton…there’s always a hope and promise for some curious child to collect this shell, to find it magical, to explore and be amazed.

There is also a chance of a hermit crab to locate, fit in this shell and take it from there to new ventures and new horizons. To treasure and value it as a jewel.

Life is all one big relay race, Nature will always be there with the new curious audience to amaze, bewilder and invite to reflect…..In this timed race while running to hand over my shelled baton, here is an advice.

My shell may be broken, imperfect and not too colourful, yet it will beam and intrigue you in a mysterious way… it has a touch of care and a colour of love… let’s pass on a message of hope.

21 thoughts on “My broken shell

  1. Superb! Very well written.The basic idea has been conceived so truely that we can easily feel the pain of being caught in the shell and then of the pleasure of coming out of it.

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  2. I’m hooked…. you are turning into quite an amazing writer Uzma… it’s beautifully written while brilliantly blending timeless spiritual wisdom of the east in the cutting edge race of the west.

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  3. A story of all, an account of hope and despair, of mindfulness and courage.
    “It is indeed a passion, a talent and the right time of maturity that sets free a mind to find peace in what their heart desires.”
    Beautiful lines, comparison made are vivid and take the reader through a visual illustration.
    Keep on writing and inspiring us ❤️

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  4. Your expression is sweet, simple and touching. No masterpiece was created overnight. Self belief and burning midnight oil will illuminate your soul and your words will spread further. Keep going 👍🙂

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  5. The extended metaphor you’ve used will resonate with many of a similar personality type, who have found self expression through literature & art ……sincere , heartfelt and therefore compelling. Well done, Uzma!

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  6. Wow, this was so well written and I could relate to it so well! Even I was once a shy and introverted kid who would rather keep things to himself than speak up even when most necessary. Not that being an introvert was bad for me but I really needed to learn how to speak up, to get out of that shell.

    Please keep writing! Loved this.

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    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      I believe most of the bloggers think alike. We are tuned certain way to enjoy freedom through our creative domain.

      I follow one rule when it comes to speaking up, ‘do not harm and take no harm’, it helps to define fine lines.

      When I cannot express verbally, I take my pen.

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      1. Wow. I love your reply to this too.
        I’m pretty much the same. I guess it’s a blogger thing :’)

        That’s a really awesome rule to follow. I’m going to follow that here on!

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