Who am I?

I am creativity.

How shall I explain?

I am the first foot into an undiscovered, unexplored land of endless opportunity.

Do you want to know how?

I require a relentless, remote navigation and an exploring voyage into ferocious oceans; self-belief is the only bag I carry.

You mean to ask where I am found?

Chuckle! All around you…complicated? Let me give you just a few examples out of many.

I am the child that turns an ordinary plain piece of paper to a model of a racing car, a piece of art or classic literary stance.


I am a mother and a teacher who takes over a seemingly โ€˜mentally deficientโ€™ child and returns the world Edison, Einstein and Churchill in return.

I am a scientist, like Newton, focused, reflective and experimental.

I am also an artist, my abstract art is an innovation no one has explored before.

I am a writer, poet and dramatist, like Shakespeare, I talk of things people of my age do not comprehend yet since they stand the test of time.

I am a science fiction movie that generates a seed of an idea for the scientist to jump on to and make it a reality in decades.

I am a fossil hidden and buried in deep rocks of time, which an archaeologist will discover and uncover the secrets of the past.

I am in the hand of a skilled person, changing ordinary ingredients to aromatic food or a magical masterpiece.

I am that ordinary hot silicon sand that transforms into an amorphous solid, transparent, easy to shape, inert and recycled.

I am a musician, artist, media, magazine and a breaking news. People arrange examinations and competitions to find me, while I feel a great sense of achievement being discovered. It is a most deserving limelight.

Yet sometimes the skill, the art, the mastery of an ordinary street vendor makes my heart bleed seeing his unacknowledged skill and talent. I wish I had two bags, one of determination/self-belief, another of luck.

But that bag of luck is to be given by gifted people of immense responsibility. Who see the world with their creative, fair yet prospective spectacles and extend a helping hand of opportunity.

This is when and where I get planted like a tree. I grow with support, learning and environment of mindful excellence. I am a thoughtful insight that your next generations will remember you for.

Did you get it right?

Nature has not taken away your wings, it has given them to you in transparent, invisible form…. they are me, your imagination and creativity!

Was a pleasure to meet you!

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