From truth to Inner peace

Did the moment of truth ever strike you?

If your answer is yes, it is absolutely normal.

There are three stages when this moment of truth will surprise you.


At the first stage, your encounter is at Quarter life crises.

Chances are you have just finished your education and academic practice, are energetic, curious and hopeful.

Most likely Love is in the air.

You feel strong and rebellious enough to go against nature and challenge the norms.

Every time you feel most competent in life the moment of truth will arrive with a call of checkmate.

The practical world is not the world you had been reading in books, it will dawn.

Achievement, relations and possibilities availed by your friends will push you to be more serious.

This lightening will energise you to run in the race of life.


It is here that the moment of truth will again jolt you. At the onset of forty years, a discrepancy between expectations and reality will weigh you down.

Time is running out and so is physical strength. You will need to stop running immediately.

You will feel an uncalled duty to impart some values to your next generation.

It feels awfully boring writing it down. Well done for reading it so far. Good news is you survived. So let’s get serious for a bit longer. Mid age crises are a test of patience and so is reading about them. You will come out of it happy and wise, that is a promise!

Whether or not you have meaningful achievements, it is a time when you will feel you have not accomplished enough.

Time to plant new seeds of motivation and take all the shrubs and weeds of false hopes out.

Midlife is a time to lit the flame of passion, to bring fuel of desire, to gather sticks of discarded opportunities and fan the curiosity. It is here that your creative expression will set fire to all your dead genius. It is a time for you to stop asking questions and start giving answers.

Just as the temperature of the body rises in a fever to wake up the sleeping white blood cells of the defence system. Your midlife crises have a lot of self-awakening to deal with.

old age:

The third time lightening of truth strikes at this stage. It’s more brutal as your physical body will be feeble.

You will see a bigger picture with a vast experience and several lessons learnt.

It is at this stage in particular that you will see many people hold on to their faith stronger than before.

A new realisation will be that Ambitions and goals were a slippery investment… a dream.


‘What do you get from your prayers apart from a bigger spiritual connection’, I once asked an old person. He replied.

‘It was only when our physical body, our outer shell failed that we witnessed the life, the essence, the energy within. We are trying to give food to this ailing soul with discipline, it gives us happiness’.

‘What strength do you get by reading in numbers on your rosary’, my curious self knew no bounds.

‘we feel grateful and humble, we want to use this dying candle, the wax of decaying organs and flames of time, for remembrance of God in gratitude and give testimony as we fight to break free’. They may add.


So where was the wisdom? You may want to ask?

Now how I feel an urge to pretend I am not too old yet, to impart this high dose of wisdom.

Yet, in my little understanding, every time, the moment of truth knocks the outer shell of our eggs, it is to make us feel the yoke. It is to shake/wake us up so that we stop being preoccupied about our shells and try to evolve.

When an egg is broken from an inside force, life begins. Great things always start from the inside’.

The difference: a good or bad impact you make, is entirely your choice and your answer sheet.

I wish we choose what is best and right, each and every time!

17 thoughts on “From truth to Inner peace

  1. Uzma, your strength as a writer is as you can check the comments, people can relate to it. My Literature teacher always told us a good writer is one who can touch and reachout to people. You take your readers in the world of Realisation, they think 🤔 and can intellectually relate to it, this one is equally good . Keep writing keep inspiring 👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh good question. I think that’s something for everyone to answer for themselves, but if forced to answer I would say the freedom to set your own goals and the drive and ability to strive for them.

        Liked by 1 person

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