Lonely & difficult autumn?

Not long ago I wrote about winter gloom and autumn anxiety in my blog β€˜blooming in bleakness’.

I was asked to write in detail about it. So I decided to look into this topic a bit more. I am not a doctor, this blog is based on my observation and a bit of online research.

Weather is now changing. It is getting cold and chilly. Leaves are changing colours and autumn is approaching fast.

Some people enjoy the vibrant colours of autumn. I personally love the scented candles, cardigans and soups.

However, if you are a summer lover the chances are a likely a low feeling at the onset of this season, the feeling of lack of energy.

Even without any anxiety, a sudden change of weather can bring out feelings of nervousness in anticipation for the first few weeks for a few like me.

If you are not a bird who can fly to warmer environments chances are you need a better planning and a few adjustments to combat anxiety in this season.

It, therefore, is not a bad idea to try to understand this weather a bit more.

Less sun shines:

Let’s admit, sunshine makes us happy when skies are grey most of the time.

All tissues in our bodies have vitamin D receptors. (James M. Greenblatt ) according to an integrative psychiatrist, less vitamin D leads to anxiety. Vitamin D supplements after seeking medical advice could be a healthy choice during this gloomy weather.

More work in short days:

This is usually a time to start a new academic year or a new job. With a lot of new workload in shorter days, it is a bit of struggle with a lot of new adjustments to deal with in one time.

For me, waking up a bit earlier, looking at the sunrise fading darkness, gets not only some extra time to organise but also a feeling of a long day at hand.

It is also not a great idea to unnecessarily take on extra work. It is a time to leave some time for self-care, exercise and quality time with loved ones. However, helping out others in need is always rewarding.

Weak immune system:

With a sudden change of weather, the body reacts in a confused way. I find it better to keep a warm layer at this time.

Body immunity is low when fighting recurrent infections and allergens at the onset of weather change. The body produces cytokines, a protein to signal inflammation to our cells while fighting infections.

Together with inflammation feeling for fighting seasonal allergies and autumn anxiety create vegetative symptoms of insomnia, fatigue and low energy.

Fighting allergies help keep the anxiety at bay. It is also important to stay hydrated.

Honey, green tea and lemon work for me at this time.

Many people start including turmeric, fish, omega 3 rich diet, nuts and eggs in particular. However, everyone has different dietary requirements and tastes.

Personally, I find homemade protein bars for sugar cravings in a winter season, very useful.


Many outdoor activities get limited, yet fresh air and deep breathing is always a good idea.

The body needs all the more endorphins or happy hormones at this time. Sweat regulates body temperature. It cools the body down as a result of heat that the muscles produce.

Perhaps this is one idea of making ourselves a powerhouse in winter.

Gentle yoga and mat Pilates never go wrong at this time. With less perspiration and more flexibility, I enjoy my Pilates in winter.

Take it easy:

It is a time to be more organised, why not try to avoid electronics and focus on calming.

While nesting is one instinct to stay cosy at home, it is important to get out of the comfort zone. Staying active is good for body and mind.

Yet it is also important to not overdo nor be lazy. An active social life is always healing. A ten-minute walk can be equally productive if not more.

Nights are longer in winter for a reason. We need a good sleep to energise.


After understanding the limitations of the season of autumn and winter, it is helpful to make a few changes.

Most importantly, it is a reminder to tell our self that this time too will pass.

Seeking help is not a bad idea if nothing else is working for you to feel better.

On the onset of autumn, let us take a deep breath, relax and enjoy.

Stay cosy this autumn and winter. Spend time in nature and don’t miss out the orange and yellow transformation.

Much love


Important: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of some research and of the author.

26 thoughts on “Lonely & difficult autumn?

  1. This one different than your previous ones,issues with reasons and solutions.Most fav part is the migratory bird πŸ¦… who can have option to fly to other places and can fly away from depression and anxiety.you relate it v wellπŸ‘πŸΌ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 packing for autumn holidays is a great way to take it as preparation for change… with excitement! .. I really liked your positive attitude πŸ‘

      Liked by 1 person

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