Friends on board part 2.

I watched a movie some time back. An unknown, talented girl achieved fame and recognition all with the help of one friend.

A friend who believed in her. ‘ I am your biggest fan’, he said.

So he helped her jump the school wall and attend auditions in time. He also arranged a safe haven for her to come back without anyone noticing.

She achieved success.

Support is all we need from friends I thought.

Which gave me a bright idea. How about I check out on all my friends who inspired me to write earlier on.

So I forwarded them one of my very special blogs. It was about beauty and women power. Simple idea, no arbitrary connection or literary concoction.

With a feeling of great dedication and service, I felt much relieved. ‘This is a very special message, you should all not miss out’. I wrote with my blog.

There was a complete silence in response. Like the world had stopped. ‘Did they all get the super busy bug?’, I thought.

I prayed for them in silence. When my prayers got answered immediately. ‘Such an urgent response is for the very first time’, I thought.

Yes, my dears miracles do happen, only with a twist.

They all called me, one by one, to pick their kids up as they were all busy.

So I came back with a group of excited children all around me. ‘This is for my literary sins’, I thought.

Until I met them. Finally! One of them stepped out and started talking to me. She was the one, who always had something mysterious happening just before reading. This time it was different. Miracle no 2.

She exactly knew what had happened. ‘I opened your blog two days back. Every time I see it on my phone, my phone starts to ring, I get a phone call… it is so annoying you know. See, it is still open in one of my windows’.

She showed me her phone with helplessness on her face.

‘Please don’t read it, try to delete, cut, discard or even better burn it’. I said.

I suddenly felt that guilt, a feeling of causing immense trouble to her, I could almost feel the pressure and the nervousness in her for an unfinished task. ‘That could have affected her self-esteem’, I thought.

I felt terrible, wanted to sob for a moment or two to feel better when another of my friend stepped in.

‘It was boring when you start reading, you feel how long? When will it finish, it’s painful’, she said.

‘Try it with a painkiller’, I suggested.

‘Write about something interesting, exciting, fun and magical’.

‘Fairies will do’? I inquired.

‘No, write about romance, a thrilling romance!’.

‘Yes, you write about Sufism, philosophy, like the grandmothers used to tell stories to put us to sleep. They had a moral lesson each time’. Someone added.

‘Try reading my articles to your kids at night, they will sleep in no time. I can write moral of the story in the end. I have a genius idea.

‘We will be asleep before them’, they said.

‘Ask the kids to read it to you then. With intonation and expression. You could test their reading skills’. The teacher in me shouted yet again.

‘On a serious note, write about romance’, they insisted.

‘Give me a storyline and I will be happy to publish it for you’, I said.

‘If we have to give you all the material, what are you a writer for, use your brain’. They said.

‘My brain is dead now… who am I, where am I’, I wandered with open arms and closed eyes.

‘You are so funny in real life. What happens to you while writing? You must write with us around. We are a very good influence on you’. I heard a kind suggestion.

‘Yes, funny stuff that we enjoy!’.

‘How about I write menu and recipes for each day, new dramas and movie to catch up to, update on weather and a new restaurant will be most handy too’.

Convenience store’, I thought of the name for my blog too.

Have you heard of the moment ‘expectation vs reality’?

If not then reality bites. If there is more than one reality, it bites even more. I have a list of friends called the reality check. I call them by numbers.

Even though my friends don’t believe in me nor support me yet they make my life all fun. They are my strength (don’t exactly know how).

We may not be on the same page when it comes to reading and writing, yet they give me the inspiration to write about them by hook or by crook.

I had my hands up all this while.

If there is a take away to this talk, it’s a shout out to all my friends.

Tussi great ho’

Much love,

From a philosopher.

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