Heal yourself first

Motherhood has been a very gentle and embracing experience for me. It connected and inspired me in many ways.

One thing that I learnt from my daughter was mindfulness. She was being taught in her school how to analyse things with mind over matter.

For instance, on a grey gloomy day, while I moaned for a moment, she had a quick look at the sky and said, ‘that’s normal for this time of the year’. Her ability to understand and accept things the way they were surprised me.

She had learnt how to go around the things we had no control over. She did that with the help of her entire team. She brought with her a compliment letter every month. In which she complimented herself, followed by some positive feedback of her friends and teacher with some empty space left for the family member to fill in.

That particular day, she not only felt cherished but gave us all a moment of pride to feel blessed for her.

This feeling to be kind to one’s self, to see positivity in others as community and family is what brings happiness on a completely new level.

Her ability to ignore the weaknesses of others, to be self-confident yet caring and helpful, made me look at things on a different level too.

As a child, I remember being taught religious studies. To be kind, honest and helpful to others is a recurring bottom line theme of every religion. The purpose is a ripple effect, of becoming a responsible and caring system.

Mindfulness is perhaps the same thing. It also involves self-care.

Prayer had always been one powerful reminder of self-love for me. A concern and a mean to develop a stronger mind, body and soul connection…a way to channelise and align my frequency to get spiritual help.

The prayer strengthens the belief, signals relief and patience in moments of immense agony. It gives strength to stay firm yet dutiful, which keeps a check on future repercussions until the reward and humbled elation of gratitude.

In today’s world, this prayer is perhaps called mindfulness. The connection of mind, body and soul… to be forgiving, to accept and be kind to one’s self. This is also a charity that should begin from one’s self first.

My pen journey has enabled me to witness a number of people, of different age, gender and religions in diverse time or space mode.

From time to time we all feel stuck in a confusing maze, we lack clarity, focus and decision power. Our past events and experience strangle us and we overthink about future insecurities. This makes happiness escape us over and over again.

If work is our need, bread and butter, then family or loved ones are our protective cushion. Yet both equations are impossible without adding self-care.

It is believed that the gut and mind have a strong correlation. Fatigue, overwork, anxiety and exhaustion calls for stress signal where cells crave for more sugar, unhealthy carbs and processed food. A quick fix. The choice of fast food and unhealthy alternatives give rise to unbalanced body system, prone to diseases and frequent infections.

Which are the body’s signals to facilitate healthy lifestyle decisions? A few changes at the mental, emotional and spiritual level too, to achieve harmony or happiness.

Today, despite all technology, information and knowledge happiness remains a secret potion. The successful people are not always happy, the happy ones are not always rich and famous.

There is somewhere a formula for alignment with one’s self, with society and the world that has been missed somewhere.

In my opinion, it could be of simplicity, minimalism and staying close to nature.

Down below are a few of the things, that we all need to consider when being our own worst critic in an unhappy world.

1. Acceptance: I have realised nothing is a co-incident but a well-woven programme. The events, the characters, opportunities and failure shape us into a person we are today. Let us accept!! It is normal!

2. Kindness: Acceptance with all weakness and strength, leads to a better understanding of one’s self. Be kind to yourself! How? Try to come out of self-doubt and victim thinking.

3. Forgiveness: kindness opens door to forgiveness. Forgiveness is a declutter programme of the mind and heart, to create more space to love. To develop clarity of thought and get attached to universal wisdom. Forgiveness is that gentle nurturing embrace to one’s own self that brings a freedom from suffocating emotional attachment. The times we forgive makes us those branches that bow down with fruits. Forgive, let go but remember the lesson.

4. Living in the present moment: forgiveness brings us out from shackles of past failures and baits if projected fears in future. It increases the focus and belief which help to make a better decision.

5. Gratitude: living in present moment brings gratitude, passion and attracts goals with ease and flow. It attracts the possibility to see positivity in every situation which opens new destinations to explore.

6. Purpose: gratitude shows purpose, self-control, productivity and peace.

7. Show love and compassion: love, compassion, hospitality and kindness to one’s self and others create no room for anger, resentment and negative energies. The channelised energy gives way to create space for new opportunity.

8. Courage: To refuse to get stuck in a state of a comfort zone, out of the perceived predictable bubble of the safe haven is one daring act in itself. Courage is clarity of the mind.

9. Explore: The next step is to refuse to be a hostage of current circumstances. To invalidate unavailable resources and jump on to explore new horizons.

10. Obstacles:
My pen journey so far had been a hurdle race too. With curiosity, gratitude, zest, optimism, somewhat self-control, some social intelligence and patience as my hurdles.

I wish we all could enjoy the freedom, courage and creativity in a new way.

With strong belief in your abilities, I wish peace, joy and happiness for you.

A prayer of blessing your way …
stay tuned …

19 thoughts on “Heal yourself first

  1. Beautiful! Think I’ll be coming back to this article from time to time. Love how you started off talking about learning from your daughter! Thanks for sharing! 💕

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  2. Very comforting read. I believe living in the present. Past has already happened. There is nothing we can do about it. And the future, it will come anyway. People are busy running in both directions, they forget what lies in between both, the present. Sometimes we just need to stand still and breathe.

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  3. Another beautiful piece from a beautiful person. My secret to a happy life “bad memory and good health” so forgive and most importantly forget to go ahead and be thankful for another day of this beautiful life. Stay blessed and keep writing Uzma. You never seize to inspire.😍

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  4. Wow Uzma, what a grip!
    Very well written piece of writing well planned and very well executed.The beautiful part of your writing is that readers can relate to it .👍🏼

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  5. Aaah. I loved this read. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    I just discovered your blog and I find your blog very interesting. I’m gonna give a follow right away.
    And also, I’m a newbie to blogging but I would love to engage more with people and grow in this.
    Feel free to check my blog and give a follow if you enjoyed reading through my blog. 🤗
    Thaaanks. Have a good day

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