The Power of love-3

After sitting in the car Adam got a call from Steve. ‘How are you? Did you get a chance to speak to Jan?’

‘I met him’. Adam answered.

‘Really, how was it ?’ Steve asked.

‘Not sure if we understood each other.’ Adam remarked.

Steve sighed, ‘don’t worry, everything takes time, come to my office if you are free, will have a cup of tea and will talk about it’.

‘Another time Steve will let you know’. Adam felt a bit shaken. Jan had undoubtedly stretched his cord of self-belief by asking him to re-think.

It was not the first time that Steve recommended someone. Being his friend since childhood, they shared many moments of fun and joy. They went to the same school and played football together. They were now running a shared business.

Steve could always tell Adam was not the same. He was not happy within. Even when everyone laughed at the funny jokes of Adam, Steve felt his pain hiding strategy.

They say a friend is tested in times of hardship and struggles. Steve did not leave Adam for a moment. Every now and then he came up with a big plan and later on plan B.

He took him to places of his past interest, to charity events and less fortunate people with poverty and serious ailment. They worked for homeless people and provided them with food and shelter. He also took him to councilling, psychologists, bereavement groups and laughter therapy sessions. They painted and made sculptures for a change too.

Jan was another hope of Steve to bring Adam close to life. Which did not go too well?

Adam did not expect Jan to teach him. He was not a child to be told stories, nor a teenager to be prepared for the worst come scenario.

He was a middle-aged man, mature, wise and learned. Jan’s message was clear, like a bad teacher he was not helping much. Rather, he was urging him to find his weakness and fight his own battle.

Which weakness he had to start with, Adam could not tell. From alcohol to drugs, speed driving to loose talk, he had it all in his past pocket. He had all that he asked for, yet nothing that he wanted.

He was arrogant. A feeling to know and understand everything more than anyone. His arrogance many times made him cross red lights of moral limitations. Being the only child he was understood unconditionally. Yet the reason for his wife to tolerate him without much complain, was a puzzle.

From the traffic lights, Adam took a U-turn towards his home.

In moments of agony and failure, Jan had lit the fading fire of purpose in him, A hope of unconditional forgiveness. How? He did not know yet.

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