Dear me in 2019.

Be proud,

You had a long battle to fight,

Have faith, that in millions of living species,

None sleep hungry,

We are never satisfied.


Rise above your desires,

It’s your struggle that counts, not your results.

Do not get worked up over things you cannot control,

Pray and let go what you cannot hold,

Cherish what is still yours.


Be grateful for the highs, for the low,

For the blessings for the woes,

For the yes, for the No,

Own all that you are,

Develop from the dark,

Raise your hand when you need a break,

To rise every time you had a fail.


To break those shackles of time,

Just be gentle,

Never doubt, never mind,

You are capable of more,

A lot, a lot more.


As for now,

Take that bag of belief, act big,

It’s yet a new task, a new opportunity,

Take brave steps,

Be assured.


Tread slow, firm steps and head low,

The task is big, you are small,

Don’t let go, don’t give up…

You are blessed with more time to grow,

Some more time to flow.


25 thoughts on “Dear me in 2019.

  1. Beautifully empowering words.. You’ve woven everything a person needs to think in life into few words and how impactfully you’ve done it! Great post β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘


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