Exciting and bright !!!

He was feeling very sad and gloomy. His first crush and love had ditched him for a boy he always had problems with. He fought with him many times, they stared and punched each other on the face. How the hatred started within them he could never tell. Yet it was also hard to believe that it could stretch so far. Losing the love of his life to someone not worthy enough was very painful. It felt revenge, a trap and a well-executed plan.

Tina was the most beautiful girl. She was very attractive in looks. Her energy, company, laugh and fun created shackles of charm all around him. She knew how to talk when to show concern, when to probe into matters and when to show her disapproval. she also knew when to betray and change her mind.

In the evening when his close friend came to take him to a party he refused, as he was not yet out of his emotional setback. Despite all tantrums, his friend somehow managed to make him come along to the party with a condition of spending only ten minutes.

Whose party it was he did not know, which added to the bizarre element too.

As he stepped inside the garden he was amazed to see beautiful fireworks. The loud bang, the repetition, the colours forming and dissolving on the black canvas lifted his spirits. He inhaled the fresh air and smiled for the first time in many days.

Not long and the stage was all set for the dance performance, an African dance on the beat of drums. The dancers stood with confident gleaming and excited faces, colourful bright costumes.. as soon as the music started they danced with enthusiasm. Their steps, claps, movements all matched. In the end, he could not help but clap for display of such dedicated talent.

From one corner of the garden, an aroma of bbq was coming, smoke created a mystery and almost a dry ice magical effect.

While having a look around he had a glimpse at a girl. She was dressed up in a red maxi with a golden shiny pendant in her neck. Her hair was tied in a loose bun while some curls sprang out like beach waves.

She stood in an area away from all trees and obstruction. She was holding some sky lanterns of different bright colours. She grabbed the balloon from the bottom of the frame and moved it gently to fill it up. She then kept the balloon steady and waited for a moment after lighting up the fuel.

After a gentle upward tug she slowly left the small hot air balloon which drifted away slowly. As the sky lantern floated high up in the sky it gave a beautiful glow.

Music in the background added to the dreamy effect.

Give me one good reason

Why I should never make a change…

The music, the sky lanterns, the lamps, the entire process felt very relaxing and healing to watch.

He realised his crush was flashy, funky and beautiful just like fireworks, a show for a short time.

He had to learn to let go slowly and gradually what he could not hold. He had to put flame to all old failures, stay steady and see them drift away.

‘Shall we go or you want to say hi to my cousin, that girl in red a maxi with Chinese lanterns. She is the host. She is hosting a theme party, ’ exciting and bright new year’… Whatever it means’. He pondered.

‘What’s the hurry’, he said, ‘the new year just started and the colours are beautiful…

This post was in response to a challenge now hosted by Teresa (The Haunted Wordsmith) and Kristian (Tales From The Mind Of Kristian)


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