The rat race -3TC

Hena went to the shop to buy vinegar and cheese for her new recipe. She was very old but it did not deter her from trying all new and latest recipes. She always felt a strong connection between the old and the new, like a bridge.

On the way back while walking on her crutches, trying to balance herself on a slippery path a small boy went past her at great speed.

He then slipped, got rolled down the sloping path and hurt himself badly. The boy didn’t cry but started to check out his bleeding wound on his knee.

The old lady looked with empathy. She had nothing to offer him to make him feel better so she said.

’It’s not too bad, you are a brave boy, don’t cry, here have some cheese and go home, you need medicine’.

The small innocent boy looked up at the old lady, who took out a packet of cheese from the shopping bag.

’What’s that bottle’, he asked with curiosity.

’O that’s no use to you, it is only Apple cider vinegar’. Hena laughed.

’It can for sure save me a trip to home’. The small boy replied.

Hena stood there to watch how that small boy helped himself clean his wound with a handkerchief and apple cider vinegar. He then took a bandage out of his pocket to cover the wound’.

’Thank you’, he said as he went past the same bullet speed, ’I am not in a rat race…. save some cheese for the dormouse’. He said.

Hena stood in bewilderment, the fast and furious race of time was leaving her far behind on an old, worn-out side of the bridge.

[…] three things challenge

3TC dormouse, cheese, apple.

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