A prisoner at peace.

Collaboration part 3.

No us took this picture for me to write a picture story. She is a wonderful writer and poet. Please visit her blog to get inspired and connect.

The picture is a great piece of art and I tried to do justice with the theme. If there is anything my readers could read and I missed out in the picture, please comment below.

A free man once asked me,

Woe to you! You are a prisoner,

Stacked with responsibilities.

Your life revolves around mundane chores,

To make fortune, to buy food, to run a house,

To keep it warm, to make it cold,

To look after your sick old parents,

To buy that nappy for your child,

To listen to tantrums of your wife,

You are a fool, trapped in vicious circles,

Of time, traditions and family.

‘Just look at me’, he said,

I am a free man,

Cut from all bindings

Of love, commitment and responsibility,

I live my life, my way,

My rules, my dreams, my world,

It’s my cracking move,

This is new, this is fun,

Not an old fashioned way.

Tired and exhausted we both said goodbye,

As he headed home with head held high,

While I treaded too, broken and tired.

My son hurried to greet me at the door,

With my self-image in his eyes,

To come in my lap and tell about his day,

I played with him for a while,

To energise and unwind after a long tiring day.

My parents hurled around me,

To ask how I was, how was my working day,

They looked in my eyes and could tell,

For once I did not need anything at all to say,

I was being understood.

My wife smiled at me,

With comfort, love and delight,

Her eyes sparkled with pride,

My fatigue and despair left me there,

In the warmth of friendly care.

We were soon at the table,

Having stew bread and hot latte,

We argued, complained, then laughed away,

All the worries of the day.

Could there be a sanctuary more blessed,

Than a family, to share a fortune every day?

It’s just that I could not explain my friend,

Some fibres are shredded and felted together,

Such contributions are not easy to say.

With hardship, there is ease,

Outdated yes but a classic,

Smooth and blessed way.

13 thoughts on “A prisoner at peace.

  1. Oh wow…. I’m blown away…. if only we had more people in this world who saw and perceived all the positivity around us like you do…. your writings are a good reminder for us all that β€œall is still well”…. sorry for being away and not being able to read your content as much… this loyal reader of yours is back now Uzma.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, your positivity was being missed, we learned how to read and the do cursive writing together.. to discover that old friend as a loyal reader and critic means a world…some people are irreplaceable.. welcome back!


  2. Here from Novus’ interview.

    Well done with this piece. Although, I think there are some advantages to being by yourself and free.
    This picture made me think of a witch’s curse – she turned them into statues.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes of course, there is more freedom and breathing space being yourself, a room to grow, evolve and be.
      Thanks for the other side of the story.
      That’s is an interesting take on statues, being cursed by witches in the middle of the town, must have hurt even more. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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