Interview with Novus

After having the pleasure to collaborate posts with gifted Novus I thought of asking her a few questions to get to know her better. Here we go again..

1. Your unique ability ? 

Reading minds…. Just kidding! I don’t think that I have a unique ability. I guess I’m able to do a little of everything I know.

2. Rural or urban life? 

Your question has 2 meanings. If you’re asking my favourite kind of life I’d say rural. If you’re asking about my present life I have to say both. As I’m always on travel.

3. As a blogger what is that magnetic theme/topic you want to write about more often? 

I wish I could write more inspiring posts . 

4. Share your wisdom as a person and an artist? 

Wow that’s a lot to refer me as an artist! Thank you. 

As a person: Never be certain about what you’ll do tomorrow . Life is a mystery. It is best to say God willing because it is possible that He doesn’t agree with you .

As an artist: believe in yourself . If you don’t have the skills to achieve what you want . Just practice and keep practicing , you’ll get the hang of it.

5. If you had the opportunity to shout out loud something from the top of the mountain, what would you like to say and hear it’s echo? 

God is great

6. Favourite food or company? 

as a company I’d say McDonald’s 

But I prefer couscous or Lasagna

7. What are you passionate about? 


8. Optimism or realism? 

Realism 100%

9. How important is striving for excellence? 

50% , i don’t think that everything has to be perfect . Do the best you can and that’s it .

10. Is perfectionism surreal

Yep. Nothing is perfect but God.

Thanks Novus, for your lovely answers and your time.


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