A lost self

Catherine woke up with a headache. She felt tightness in her head with a throbbing pain. She immediately got up to have a cup of tea and a pain killer.

She massaged her head gently to relieve the tightness. It helped her immensely. Within half an hour she felt a lot better, so she made her self her favourite oat porridge with honey.

After tidying up the kitchen she went to get ready for a morning walk to the town to get some medicine and grocery. Yet pushing herself was not easy. She had lost a dog. A dog that had always been by her side. She was so used to of taking him out and about. To get him his favourite food and to look after him.

Coming to an empty house had been the most difficult for her to deal with. Usually, every time she came back from night outs her excited dog used to greet her at the door, wagging his tail, sniffing and jumping at her in a most welcoming way.

She always felt very secure with him. Without a dog, she felt afraid stepping out. As she was walking in the streets she could see people looking at her in a strange way. Perhaps they could tell she was scared and lonely.

She had reported her missing dog a few days before and went every day to check on. Although they had her contact number, she did not feel right not to confirm with them in person. Yet the staff had not been very friendly with her. The moment they saw her they excused, she so wanted to get some assurance, to find someone to talk about her dog, of how she felt without him.. of how silk black appearance he had, of how tall and lean he was.

She went to get some medicine from the chemist. Later on, she went to bakers to get cranberry and toasted pecan baton. In the end, she went to grocers to buy a tin of lentil soup, fresh vegetables and some flowers.

On the way back, she had a glimpse of a man, the same man. She had seen him follow her for many days. He followed her to the parks, to the offices, to everywhere she had been. In the stress of her missing dog, she had forgotten all about him. The man wore a long coat with a hat. He looked like a detective, with round glasses. He probably was someone paid as a detective. Without her dog, he must have felt a lot easy to chase her around. Perhaps, he had her dog.

That thought came in Catherine’s mind like thunder and lightning. It made her very angry and cross. The possibility of him having the dog or the reason to follow her around were very bright. She dodged the man and came from the opposite side only to catch him red-handed.

She got hold of him tight and starting shouting at the top of her voice. The man tried to get up and talk but she was way too heavy and very comfortable sitting on him.

Soon the mob collected and so did the policeman who was buying a cup of tea. He persuaded her to let go of him and asked about the matter.

‘This man has been following me around all over the place. He took my dog too, I am sure he had it all this while’. Catherine exclaimed with anger.

The man stood up, dusted his clothes and put the hat on, he showed his badge to the policeman,

‘I am her doctor’, he said, ‘she never had a dog’.

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