The golden repair ๐Ÿ’–

Rue had an old couple living next door. She had often seen them holding hands and walking slowly. They always had a big smile on their faces and a look of complete satisfaction and peace all about them.

Rue had seen them going out for groceries, then doing all the work. They cooked, cleaned and did gardening together. Before the onset of the spring they went around to find seeds and plants. They painted old pots and replaced them with new seasonal plants. Every evening they came out in the garden to clean out weeds, to water them, to spray them with pesticides and then sit on the massive swing to have a cup of tea and close look at their beautiful garden.

In the evenings Rue could clearly see them just across the window having a candle light dinner.

One day Rue was invited to have a cup of tea with them. She enjoyed having a cup of coffee and chocolates with two of the most happy people she knew.

She could not hold her self very long to ask them the reason for their true love and bonding.

They both laughed and the old man said, โ€˜You see Rue, โ€˜the only reason is to keep the passion alive, to not let that flower of love fade away and lose their fragrance with time. When you know a certain flower is irreplaceable, you try all the more to look after it with care. Love is an ever green plant if taken care ofโ€™.

The old lady smiled with her wrinkled face and fewer teeth. โ€˜You see this pot Rueโ€™? She pointed to a beautiful piece in the glass cupboard that had golden mosaic on it in an abstract fashion. โ€˜This is Kintsukuroi, โ€˜a golden repairโ€™.

โ€˜It is an old Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with powdered gold, silver or platinum. It is to embrace the flawed and the imperfect. It is an attempt to hide the damage and also to illuminate it. This one has 23.5 karat gold’. The old lady continued.

โ€˜We have also seen all ups and downs in our life. We fought, we argued, we groaned and moaned. Until we realised only as a team we could talk, laugh and celebrate. So we brought together all broken pieces of our lives and glued our puzzle of loveโ€™. The old lady completed her talk.

Which left Rue to wonder how old generations were taught to value things, to repair them and look after them with association and commitment.

Yet how the time brought about evolution, she thought..the material things and relations were more often mere possessions like seasonal ornaments. The temperaments had changed and so had an ability to adjust and stay united.

She thought how it has become a tradition to give card and flowers on valentine day, but be oblivious to glue the broken pieces of love throughout the year.

She wondered how easy it was saying a shallow โ€˜I love youโ€™, how hard it was to develop forgiveness and acceptance of all imperfections that make us unique.

To get attached to others she thought was so easy, to decide to stick to them like a swagger was a big art and a big ask.

โ€˜Love requires a craftsmanship too,โ€™ she though. โ€˜Itโ€™s just that in this age of science and technology, such craftsmen were rare and so was old wisdom’.

Yet there she was, a new generation with an old wisdom, of being responsible. Rue had made up her mind to take care of that vase of love.

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