shift and shine

‘You are not doing right’. Madi concluded. She was trying to react positively to her husband’s sister who happened to be her friend too.

‘O really? What do you expect? How shall I react? I never had time for a family or social life, I worked day in and out… all for this day, that I will not be given a party ticket to stand for elections? Seriously? All hard work over the years for nothing?’ Hana exclaimed emotionally with a heavy heart.

‘You had put all eggs in one basket. A family is a protective cushion, relationships are established in good times, it is an investment for bad times. I worry for you stand alone, all by yourself in not a positive frame of mind’. Madi struggled to be brutally honest at a crucial time.

‘I have friends, it’s just that they are not fully aware of my state of mind’, Hana justified.

‘You mean the friends that will jump on if you throw a ball. The friends who will be the first ones to laugh and dance with you. No dear, I am talking about real friends, who show up at the hour of need to support, to motivate and stand together’. Madi struggled to be any less honest.

‘I don’t think I need anyone, politics for me was just like a business and I have become redundant. I need some time away from everything’. Hana admitted.

‘Your brother and I are going to the holy land. You want to come along’? Madi asked.

‘What? No! How can I? You know I had never had time for spirituality. How could I go, now that I have nothing else?’ Hana answered.

‘Well there is one door that is never closed, a door of forgiveness and hope. Come over to leave all your anxieties, all your worries and failures there. Accept your weaknesses and flaws, ask for guidance. Don’t lose hope, there is always this door’. Madi was sincere in her attempt to not leave Hana behind, to give her support and also to be with her in the time she felt lonely and rejected.

Not long and Hana found herself on the journey that had never been part of her plan. Yet it was a perfect time for her to be there. She remembered every time she went somewhere, the first thing she looked for was the direction to say prayers. It was something like she had been on a lookout while trying to look down all this while she reminded herself until she had a look at the majestic place itself. It was the most overwhelming feeling she had all along. In the moment of awe she quickly reminded herself to say her prayers, it was indeed a time and place where prayers were accepted.

There was solace and tranquility. Away from all the politics, elections, drama, all the glamour, all the attractive allures and shiny material life. People wearing simple attires had peace written all over there faces. Were they happy, had no problems or a perfectly balanced life she could not decide? Until she found them crying and praying.

She was born and brought up in a developed country. It was hard to find the poor people around. Throughout her life, she worked with people of privileged background.

Yet the moment of truth struck when she found herself with people from all social backgrounds. There was no class system or division on the basis of caste, colour and class. Everyone held the same stature in the house of God. It was then when she listened to the conversation, she was within some people who had been financially, physically and emotionally struggling.

Her knowledge of different languages made her realise that people were coming from different developing countries far and wide. Some had given all the money to make it to this place. Few of them sat in the prayer room all day, without any food. Their firm faith, strong trust and perseverance surprised her.

Hana forgot all about her worries. She rushed to help those people out with the help of her brother and Madi. They bought some food, arranged for the very old and unwell to be seen by the doctor and get the medicine. This then became a norm, after saying their prayers on time, instead of rushing to the shopping centres she rushed to help those in need as much as she could. She listened to the stories of others, gave them a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or an advice to stay steadfast and motivated. She prayed in silence for them all, she cried in secret for all those times she had overlooked her own blessings.

On the last day, Hana felt that solace. She had tried all she could to focus, to pray, to make the most, to not socialise but be aware of those people in need. She tried sincerely to channelise, to feel anchored and aligned. To do charity with her wealth, mind and physical self. Perhaps this was a blessed cycle, for she felt that happiness and peace, the confidence and hope within herself to smile, to forgive herself and move forward with her head held high.

Hana thanked Madi for the suggestion, she thanked God for the opportunity. She found herself all the more prepared to help the people as much as she could. This time she made a prayer to run a charity with Madi to help people distressed with hunger, pain and disease. She vowed to stand with the people who felt lost, confused and bewildered. Hana found a selfless cause to reach out and help, something she always had at the back of her mind.

Sometimes in life she thought, we were made to feel redundant, as we are the source to provide and help out in another way. It is a time to not give up completely but to shift and shine. Sometimes she thought we all needed seasonal movement like birds; a relocation and defection to understand things in a better light. From such journey; she thought we go back with a newer version of ourselves.

She never looked back. After five years, Madi and Hana are successfully running three charities for the most unprivileged people.

There faces gleam too with contentment and peace.

16 thoughts on “shift and shine

  1. The migration of birds teaches us a lot and we all sometimes need to relocate for sometime to shift our perspective. What a great example and what a beautiful experience shared in words. Well done Uzma, you did it once again.👍

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