Dear children

The most astonishing aspect of our lives is time.

It has a surprise element to it.

Both good, bad, happy and sad.

This is what makes us cheer,

Yet leaves behind few hidden fears.

Attimes it is brutal, sudden, unpredictable…

With magical feel here and there.

The wheel of life spins around,

With people of all different times,

Trying hard to convince others,

Their perception, experience and chimes.

The magic is in our differences,

We all see the glimpse in a different light,

From another view,

In another role,

As in different time.

We struggle yet try hard to deliver,

The truth about life,

The secrets of time,

To our next generation…

we get serious .. less time…

more work.

For you, it’s time to explore,

To play, have fun,

Eat, drink and be merry…

To avoid seriousness, old wisdom.. boredom.

In this tug of war of time, you mighty ones

Pull the rope hard,

we old ones fall apart.

Yet in the last few moments,

For a disclaimer we say.

Dear children,

we tried as much as we could.

We did something good

Yet also made a few mistakes.

Now you take from here,

Be a parent of yourself

We give you the job to take over

Our precious child.

Imagine it as a newborn

In your gentle arms

Shower it with luck,

Blessings, much love…

give it all that was missed out,

Fill in their gaps with love,

Tell them how significant they are,

How important and wanted.

Go back in time to delete all mishaps,

That left wrong impacts,

In time, space and reality.

When you fail sometime,

Feel sad, weak and lack peace of mind,

Remember to hold yourself by hand,

with patience and enthusiasm..

Teach yourself how to walk again.

Put a cross on all the inherited traits or roles

Acquired for the wrong reasons,

Start new,

Start fresh,

With a child that precious that loved,

In your special care to hold.

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