Hakuna Matata!

‘Do you know why we are crown of creation’? Ella asked her son.

‘It’s because we are capable to outshine anything in the universe’, She added.

‘Really!’, her son answered devoid of any interest and continued surfing on his mobile.

The not too cool babes also seemed surprisingly attractive on Instagram, ‘Its a miracle… Or the contrasting boring company of my mother’, he thought.

Ella brushed aside the seemingly passive look of her son and continued. ‘Humans have will power of mountains, flexibility like water, the power to fly like birds…. we have the confidence of a lion to know our self-worth, fearlessness and speed to follow our dreams and ability like a fish to swim away from undesired undermining waters’. She explained calmly.

‘What’s the point of this long speech if I may ask, what did I do now?’ Scott asked with complete innocence and annoyance at the same time.

‘Life is never fair, that’s a rule to leave you in a position to turn your back and keep moving or become the victim and exploit yourself and others… drugs are not an escape. We were young the drug addicts were identified more easily, ragged look, torn clothes, thin, lean bodies.. they were immediately being addressed. These days the look is a fashion and lives are so busy that it is convenient to not interfere in anything’. She paused and looked in the eyes of Scott who long ago had lost the plot of the story.

‘I only smoke, it’s my style, it leaves a bitter truth in me every time. I am more realistic than what you think of me’, he said.

‘How about wine then, an innocent drink?’ Ella’s tone suddenly changed to a fair harsh.

‘It is a mean to destroy all failing attachment to feeling in control of my self.’ Scott was being honest.

‘Drugs??’ She asked.

‘I needed change. I lost myself in the company of addicts, emptiness was eating me from within, nothing was helping me’, Scott could feel he was almost being hypnotised by his mother to speak but the truth.

‘Did it help your emptiness?’ Ella asked with a concern.

‘Not really!’ He hesitated for a while before making a confession. ‘I lost myself completely’.

‘My son, when you can’t help much there is ‘Hakona Matata’ time, to be forgetful of your worries and learn to survive in a light way… unfortunately! You stayed there for too long… not realising it was time to remember who you were, how much you were capable of.. what more had you done to help yourself first and then others around you.. to make a small or big difference’.

Scott felt the air inside the room become heavy, smoky, musty and suffocating. It was the serious talk or burden on his shoulders.. the moment of truth or a bitter reality, yet he wanted to face it like a man this time.. a man who has the will and power like no other creation…

This willingness surprised him, the goodness to listen to his nagging mother patiently had left him a good charm.. an ability to see things in a better light. After all he had achieved nothing out of the vicious circle of addiction, night parties and dance clubs. He had witnessed the sorrow of losing his friends after drink driving and being high on drugs. He had felt the pain of sorrow, helplessness and emptiness strangle him more and more. It was a quagmire where he got stuck physically, emotionally and mentally.

Scott looked at his mom for help but said nothing.

Ella smiled, ‘I forgot to tell you one thing.. when you remember to love yourself and be kind to yourself, the whole universe works by your side.. you lead everything else follows… and I know what a great leader my son is. Not only can he fix his problems but also extend his hand to help others in need’.

After a veil of silence she continued, ‘Do not close your eyes to feel escaped like a trapped animal… rather get hold of the instrument of destiny and play with skill and mastery as much as you can…I still believe in you’. Ella added with tears in her eyes.

Scott could now interpret the silence, it is when love speaks without words, he could hear the underlying tones of concern and fear, the sunshine of love and care.

This time he could feel the freshness of sea, fishing boats, the mountains, valley and tranquillity of life.

It was a time to unlearn everything and swiftly glide away from the life he knew. Without pretences between him and his mom he could see the nakedness of his mistakes.

Nothing had changed yet nothing was same any more.

In a moment of sudden agony, he wondered how he will live without all the addictions that presumably, kept him going…

‘Don’t worry mom, I am sorry for every sorrow I brought to you by my irresponsible behaviour .. I have learned a crazy dance and an awful music…

Leaving Addiction..Hakuna matata!!!!

For the first time Ella witness the flame of confidence and peace in his son’s eye, the willingness and determination of a lion. She stood up to dance Hakuna Matata with her son, the same way she did with him as a child.

(c) all rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Hakuna Matata!

  1. Sometimes, all you need is a few words that have the power to help you go through those things and I must say you know exactly what to say and how to say it

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