Timeless love

I met time. We became friends. I asked him many questions. One was on love. Here is what he had to say.

Love is a spark in life, a spark that lights up a bleak sky.

Yet, the spark lasts for a short while. Soon reality knocks the door.

Not long, when I teach you to be respectful of the wisdom of ages.

Of the same old rules of commitment, loyalty, patience and forbearance come to play.

To remind you that love has a price to pay.

That if you haven’t changed,

You haven’t loved enough.

After all no beauty lasts for ever.

Love shifts colours too.

For love can only be purified through pain.

Now, it’s time, for me to take you along. ‘Come with me,’ he said.

It’s time to leave your timeless love.

‘Let me leave a note’, I said.

I grabbed my pen to leave behind,

A gift, a will, a goodbye plan.

The lovers have whispered to me again,

That love for mortals is not the same.

Alas I have to prove my worth,

A gift of such but built on words.

For what could I now offer to you???

I do not know of these norms..

But I love thee through and through.

I would have jumped and I would have walked,

And tried to do many a squat ,

And a lot more I would have endured,

Is it not what the living do?

With every minute I spent with you,

The gray of your hair had made me feel ,

Proud for getting old with thee.

Now when I will be no more,

Will you still remember me?

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