Silver lining

’What is it that bothers you, new white hair? becoming old? Isn’t it a natural process?’ Suella asked her daughter.

’What a lot of bothers, I feel premature ageing, how come nothing has been discovered yet that can permanently colour the hair, without having to touch the roots’. Ella replied.

Suella replied in her typical polite tone, ‘nature cannot be overruled permanently from roots, it can be fooled here and there’, she smiled then continued.

‘Decades ago when my mother was in India, she witnessed women colouring hair with henna; giving hair and nails a streak of dark red. With passing time women tried the barks, coffee, plant extracts and later chemical-based dyes to feel the change, to look cool, to feel still young.’ Suella replied.

‘What an annoying cycle, an additional responsibility with less energy and strength’. Ella sighed.

Suella held her daughter’s hand and replied,

‘These white hair are very precious, just like a wisdom tooth they are indicative of the lessons learnt through time.’ She paused to look in her daughter’s eyes this time.

‘They are there to remind you, you have done enough running around to please people around you, you did incredibly well, still, you didn’t win them over. There is always something short of, something inadequate for you to prove your worth, sincerity and dedication… these white hair tell you, how about you look after yourself now, do that what keeps you happy, prioritise yourself, you deserve happiness like everyone else’.

While Ella looked at her mother with a blank expression, she heard her assuring voice again,

‘Your new white hair reminds you not to ignore yourself, to accept the change, the novelty at this stage of life, you camouflage them or leave them is your choice but do embrace them’.

‘How about you mom, you have a lot of white hair, what do they signify’, Ella asked.

‘Seniority, authority, wisdom and respect. Like the judges wear the wigs, think of it as a wig; a sign of maturity, I no longer feel to hide them rather I enjoy flaunting them and you should too’.

Slowly, Suella got up and left the room leaving her daughter think about the

silver lining.

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