The time car..

Feeling uninspired?

Lost focus?

Will power?

Strength and direction?

Lost energy, incentive, motivation?

Be it financial drives,

Emotional upheaval,

Disappointment or dismay.

It’s almost hard to push,

To keep going forward

To keep the zeal and spirits alive,

That feels a dead end; cul de sac.

It’s then ok to disconnect,

To sit back,

Reflect and be lazy for a day or two,

To revive,

Muster up,

Jumpstart the time car.

Yet push we must,

The burdens of time,

The inadequacies of life,

The imperfections of relationships,

The comparisons made,

The pros and cos,

The aftermath,

The complexities,

The ugliness.

It’s painful,

Feels a Very sharp pain,

To a creator,

It feels never ending,


In that timed churning machine.

Yet the hope,

The desire,

The dreams,

The passion,


For the sake of good times,

Keeps it Alive.

We need more effort,

Often someone to help us

Push behind that time car.

Until we catch the flow again,

The race,

The thrill,

The drive,

Watching a tea kettle,

Filled up to the neck,

In hot water,

Yet singing..

Until you realise,

It’s ’Time to press that damn key,’

To surrender to where

The time car takes u you next.

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