It was freezing cold that day. The air felt piercing like blades of ice. She could hear the rough and gusty wind that almost felt rebelliously adventurous with no consideration.

Her entire body became somewhat numb, so she pinched herself, rubbed her hands, eyes and ears.

Soon she stood up, sat down and knocked again at the door.

It felt a duel between her persistent determination to bang the door and arrogant, unruly and unfriendly weather.

It surrounded her from all the sides, cornered her while it punched, kicked and nudged to inform she was wrong again.

With a strong belief she knocked at the door yet again, with all her might this time. Someone must have heard the knock, yet she wondered if they were scared to let her in, selfish and coward enough to discard any concern or simply deaf to all the calls for help.

The snow storm bellowed around her like a mighty devil. She shrunk icily like a snail into a shell.

She confessed with a shame that She was late once again, becoming colder and further with every passing second, leaving all hopes of comforting fireplace, hot cup of tea, an inquiring eye and a sympathetic soul.

While struggling to keep her breathing intact, the door of humanity opened with his closed teeth and peevish displeasure.

He showed the inconvenience and annoyance she had brought at his doorstep. He felt like a cold shell wall. A shell of deliberate selfishness and pride.

‘What do you want?’ He demanded.

‘Nothing more, don’t fear, I came to say good-bye’, she answered, wishing that the door was never opened, that the insupportable, unnatural humanity had never shown the real face, so her dying hopes could have lived just a bit longer.

The weather suddenly didn’t look as hostile in comparison.

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