It was not long when out of nowhere, I managed to write something on the first topic of my blog; seashells and seaside.

For some strange reasons beyond my understanding, I decided to self publish.

Just like a piece of art, irrespective of how much love and dedication has gone into, is emotionally detached by the creator for others to look, understand and feel too. Creativity knows no boundaries.

This writing skill is no less than a vacation for me. It feels a holiday to a sea side, with fresh crispy air, salty sea water, wild and free birds. Its chilling clarity, eerie silence and repeatedly playful pushy waves changing my hopelessly meek boundaries.

At the start, I was ‘a shell in making’, being new to the field I was timid, I cared too much of what people think of me. A shell was perhaps what I needed time and again.

Together on this journey, we have travelled through cracked uneven paths, thick forests, Sandy deserts and plain grasslands.

Unconditionally we stopped by mosques, churches, monasteries and shrines.

We witnessed distant lands and cultures, shared moments of fearful silence and exciting fireworks alike.

I am humbled to have on board all friends, all the followers and readers who accompanied me on this literary journey.

You have added value and a whole new direction to this experience.

You have been a precious company all along.

Thanks for being there and giving me much needed support, strength and insight.

I really hope I have helped you to appreciate, admire and cherish your inner self too, irrespective of unfriendly circumstances and situations.

Its time to leave behind ‘the shell’ and venture theUworld.

Why hide helplessly in a shell when you can ‘shine like the universe is yours’.

I would love to welcome you all on my new literary territory and hope for many new adventures from there.

The U world as the name suggests is all about you and me, our ongoing struggles, the evident rubble and the hidden treasure. With travel diaries, stories, poems, picture story and articles.

If however, you do not wish to accompany me there, I very sadly bid you farewell, wish you the best in everything you aspire to. Take good care.

This time I took the road less travelled by…we are all changing and that means we are moving forward.

Hope to see you @ theUworld.



Instagram: theUworld784

10 thoughts on “TheUworld

  1. Kudos to a very talented young writer whose work is inspiring and motivating for so many ladies to break their caccoons and not only to start a new journey but to show case their beautiful colours to the world.
    All the best for your future endeavours
    Fly high

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  2. It’s very rare to see someone who gets better with every article. It has been an honour to see you progress over the last few years to the writer you are now . Hoping this trend continues and you join the ranks of the greats, whether it takes you years or decades. Don’t give up

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