Interview with Novus

After having the pleasure to collaborate posts with gifted Novus I thought of asking her a few questions to get to know her better. Here we go again.. 1. Your unique ability ?  Reading minds…. Just kidding! I don’t think that I have a unique ability. I guess I’m able to do a little of […]

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A prisoner at peace.

Collaboration part 3. No us took this picture for me to write a picture story. She is a wonderful writer and poet. Please visit her blog to get inspired and connect. The picture is a great piece of art and I tried to do justice with the theme. If there is anything my readers could […]

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A lost audience

Originally posted on Novus Lectio:
Here we go again, a second collaboration with the brainstorming Uzma. She has an awesome creative mind. Please stop by her blog and share a comment. Can you guess who’s parts are these? Rain drops sliding on my face Warm tears blinding my eyes Can’t hide the pain anymore A…

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