Not above the law

I am a student. During the day I attend my classes at the university. In the evenings I study, while late till night I deliver food on the door steps. Life is not easy, yet there is no time to complain. Like a bull fetching well water, I have little choice of changing my direction. […]

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Shallow end

I am a classical singer. I have been practising Indian musical tradition for many years now. This beautiful lake at a short distance from my home had been a witness to my morning raga. Today while practising my ‘Raag Bhairav’, I could not feel peace within. I took a deep breath and tried to reflect, […]

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Mending ways

He was a cobbler, I often went to his shop as a child to get a shoe repaired. He sat on a leather mat on the floor, with a stool in front of him for costumer to sit and wait if they wish. This shop smelled of leather, shoe shiner and polish. He had dirty […]

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The lady who sold miracles

There once was an old lady, She ran a village’s local tea shop, And she would never frown, Even when too tired to sleep. Was it the woman who sold miracles? Or was it just her tea? And when she would smile, My heart would skip some beats, And I would sit there longer, Pretending […]

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Never lost

I had merely begun to sip my tea so cold, How very egregious to hear a knock at my door, Upon my doormat stood a woman quite sad, Excuse me, sir, I seem to have lost my bag. Well, what does it look like I asked as I sighed, It doesn’t matter does it, It […]

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