Silver lining

’What is it that bothers you, new white hair? becoming old? Isn’t it a natural process?’ Suella asked her daughter. ’What a lot of bothers, I feel premature ageing, how come nothing has been discovered yet that can permanently colour the hair, without having to touch the roots’. Ella replied. Suella replied in her typical […]

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Not even a stir

Life had come to a standstill. The same hospital, same medicines, bizarre pieces of equipment around Neil that felt he was chained in a cell. Doctors and staff also had dropped, sad and fatigued faces, almost if they had no more excitement left in their own life too. In those rare moments when Neil had […]

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Blurred boundaries..

Never before in her counselling career had Allen witnessed a fuming client before. Hannah, a middle-aged woman sat before her at first with inhibition and reserve. In no time, she started to vent out in a loud emotional tone. Justifying every action of her life with impatient clarification. Allen could read in between her lines, […]

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A ripple in the riches..

Aga was a spoilt boy, everyone believed it yet no one had ever dared to speak up. Being the only son of a billionaire, he had every privilege that one could think of. From the fastest racing cars, beautiful, majestic villas, farmhouses, private aeroplanes to yachts, sometimes it was difficult for him to pinpoint what […]

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A secret artist

I am a goldsmith by profession. I saw, forge, cast, file and polish precious metals. For many years I have worked relentlessly to make my name, my brand and my mark in the supersaturated gold industry. I am known for creative imagination and a great sense of design. People trust my knowledge of precious stones, […]

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Timeless love

I met time. We became friends. I asked him many questions. One was on love. Here is what he had to say. Love is a spark in life, a spark that lights up a bleak sky. Yet, the spark lasts for a short while. Soon reality knocks the door. Not long, when I teach you […]

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Drawing without an eraser

I live in the famous red city. Its buildings are made of beaten clay, with arches, domes, minarets and mosques with both Spanish and French influences. One of the main features of our homes is a fountain right in the middle of the house, it is mostly covered in tiles in a mosaic. I used […]

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