The lady who sold miracles

There once was an old lady, She ran a village’s local tea shop, And she would never frown, Even when too tired to sleep. Was it the woman who sold miracles? Or was it just her tea? And when she would smile, My heart would skip some beats, And I would sit there longer, Pretending […]

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Never lost

I had merely begun to sip my tea so cold, How very egregious to hear a knock at my door, Upon my doormat stood a woman quite sad, Excuse me, sir, I seem to have lost my bag. Well, what does it look like I asked as I sighed, It doesn’t matter does it, It […]

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Dear children

The most astonishing aspect of our lives is time. It has a surprise element to it. Both good, bad, happy and sad. This is what makes us cheer, Yet leaves behind few hidden fears. Attimes it is brutal, sudden, unpredictable… With magical feel here and there. The wheel of life spins around, With people of […]

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My Bullah!!

‘Write something’, he sent me a message. A few days later, I got another message, ‘stop ignoring, write about something’. Write about something.. anything.. write about me’, he said. ‘What can I write about you’, I asked. He was the first newborn as of the second generation in my family. On the day, I being […]

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shift and shine

‘You are not doing right’. Madi concluded. She was trying to react positively to her husband’s sister who happened to be her friend too. ‘O really? What do you expect? How shall I react? I never had time for a family or social life, I worked day in and out… all for this day, that […]

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