Unfinished matters!

I am in a party today. About five families are invited. The ladies look elegant in their stylish attires, long heels and up to date hair dos. Gents look handsome and dapper. Finally! some time out to relax and socialise in the company of good friends. A lot to catch up to. The aroma of […]

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The light of love

We used to have power crises during our childhood. A gas lamp was turned on just before the power shut down. With little radiance, the whole family used to sit around the lamp on the wall and discuss their day. This family interaction time was much like a huddle of players before the match. It […]

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Why O Why???

In your last blog, you had decided to take your friends on board for your next literary adventure? You thought it will be an enlightening escort? 🤨 You have just learned the lesson ‘ to put an axe on your foot’. 🤒 For you have now completely lost the sense of time and place. 🤤 […]

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All friends on board!!

Do you have close friends whom you meet very often? Here’s a funny and light account for how they may react after you start writing blogs.  Before you start this journey, you have friends behind you, supporting and encouraging you to write something. They predict they see a world-famous writer in you and that you […]

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Combating mental hurdles

I went to watch a movie with my children. It was my son’s favourite ‘The Ninjago Movie’. An aspiring wise old man Master Wu trained six ninjas to fight against an evil force. The Ninjas had their secret weapons with them. In a terrifying battle against evil odds, their secret weapons got lost. They felt […]

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